Welcome to Rational Acts

Rational Acts, is a multidivisional organisation with over a decade of service experience. Based in Kolkata, Paschimbongo, it has carved out a valued place for itself in the country in the fields of Marketing Services , Training & Development, Edutainment, Travel & Tourism Services. Over a period of time, the organisation has built up a repertoire of Blue Chip Clientele whose delight are being achieved through fulfilling their challenging demands. Professional ethos, constant learning, adapting to changes, focus on objectives and being sticklers to commitment are synonymous with the driving force of Rational Acts.

Rational Acts is best understood by the work it does. To know more, we welcome you to tour our capabilities.

Marketing Services
We are geared to offering complete marketing solutions. We are currently a sought after name in the fields of Promotions, Event Management , OOH solutions and all BTL Activations... more

Training & Development
Constant Training & Development of members is a way of life for every organisation that wants to go forward. We evaluate your requirements jointly and then offer tailor made solutions for you to implement... more

Rational Acts provides valuable services in the filed of edutainment through parallel non conventional education activities that are educating yet fun to learn... more

Travel & Tourism Services
Marvellous India Tours & Travels is a division of Rational Acts. We offer a wide variety of speciality inbound tourism services that offers to rejuvenate of the mind and body, explore the exotic, introduce you to newer adventures while leaving beautiful & memorable experiences for you to cherish for ever... more