Gallery - Activations handled by us

Some of the Activations we have done:

1. Roadshows & Canter Activities
We activate your brand / product in innovative ways with a wider reach than those offered by traditional media.
2. Stage Events
3. Band Performances
Your Brand connects with the youth and Music is the mantra. Let us arrange scintillating performances that take the equity of your brand to newer heights.
4. Fairs & Exhibitions
Display your brand, showcase your products, activate and demonstrate with quality and panache. We will put in our years of experience of organising Fairs and Exhibitions to make your effort a resounding success.
5. Carnivals
Fun Rides, Exotic Shows, Themes, Fete Contests are just a few things that make a carnival. Add proper management, security, marketing, statutory permissions, pulse for entertainment and a host of other professional inputs that are best served by experience. You've a recipe for a carnival that will be a resounding success.
6. Product Launches are undertaken in 5 Star venues or through other roadshows involving distribution channels and target customers.
7. Laser Shows
The success of a good laser show lies in the technology used, event programming , proper venue selection and a coordinated creative approach. GP or RGB, what ever your call is, we shall present a memorable show for you.
8. Mall Activations
It is not just about having an event but the thoughtfulness associated with content and implementation that gives you a proper connect. Bank on us to give your brand and product the right boost at the swank malls.
9. International Meetings & Conferences
10. Durga Puja, Diwali , Christmas Activations
11. Panel Discussions with Celebs
We help you connect to your target audience by working with you towards selection, invitation and management of relevant celebrity panelists. We can pitch in to select and brand the theme for discussion. We help have the right kind of audience for the show. We package it the way you want it.
12. Housing Society / Apartment & Club Activations
We activate your brand in the apartments. Give us your requirement and we shall activate the brand in the right apartment complex (HIG, MIG, LIG), coupled with unique entertainment options and displays.
13. School Contact Programmes
Our years of association with Edutainment gives us the special edge to make your brand travel to the schools and exploit the pester power you look forward to harness.
14. Youth & College Activations
We find them for you in Colleges, Hang Outs, Malls and reach out to them. We have years of experience in college activations like Inter and Intra College contests, Fests , Fresher's Welcome, etc.
15. Rural Promotions & Activations
The markets are going rural. The customers are ready to buy yet speak a language different from their urban counterparts. Our experience in rural promotions help you connect with your TG.
16. Canopy Activity
17. Inshop Promotions
The intention to Purchase needs to be heightened at the point of purchase. Let us promote your brand at the store so that there is maximum TOMA.
18. Event Marketing
19. Sports Events
20. CSR Activities
When you implement your plans for Corporate Social responsibility, bank on us. We shall get the work done either quietly or with a bang, as you may wish.
, …..and many other tailor made activations / promotions