Edutainment - Edventure Tours/Camps

Edventure (Education, Learning and Adventure) camp would be organized for children in the age group 10-16 years. The Edventure camp may be sponsored by corporates / sponsored by parents for individual participants.

Objectives of the proposal
For the participant
To get an opportunity to closely feel nature and encounter wilderness
To develop qualities of leadership
To have academic inputs on non academic ambience
To improve skills of communication and analysis
To discover tricks of outdoor crafts under expert guidance
To increase self confidence
For the Sponsor
To create brand ambassadors with a long term objective
To get vital entry points in the concerned segment
To have a "close to the heart" reason for media promotions
To fulfill social obligations
To promote "differently"
To enter a sustained yet low cost campaign

The general outlines of the camp activities would be as follows:
Adventure Activities
Nature Interpretation
Flora Study
Bird Watching
Sky watching / star gazing
To promote
Water Bodies
Introduction to outdoor camps
Camp Crafting
Camp Management
Proper Dumping
Tent Pitching
Selection of camp sites
Introduction to rock climbing
Village study
Treasure Hunt
First Aid
Fire Making
River Crossing
Meditation & Light Exercises
Tug of War
Academic Modules On
Communication Skills
Mathematical skills
Social Skills
Career Options
Guidance for effective career planning

The Batch size would be around 25 members X 2 sets or 20 Members X 4 sets depending upon the site, duration, and age group.

Proposed sponsorship would be 1500/- to 5500/- per participant depending upon the site, duration and age group.

Travel logistics, boarding, lodgings and other relevant details may be provided on request.

On completion of the tour, the participants would receive certificates from Sponsor and may be called Sponsor Cub representatives ( for promo volunteer work in their school/ college/ society )

The proposed Edventure camp is also expected to bring about qualitative and quantitative changes in the mind set and performance of the participants. They will get a chance to rediscover themselves.

The above mentioned Event would be named after your brand/institution and may be carried out Nationally after successful pilot on a yearly basis.